These are the steps we will take..
Phase 1.
Clean and strip old seals and polishes from the floor/clean the grouting.
Phase 2.
Grind out scratches and stains using a 400 grit diamond pad
Phase 3.
Seal the tiles while the pores are open.
Phase 4.
Start grinding the floor using an 800 grit pad.
Phase 5.
Grind with a 1500 grit pad
Phase 6.
Grind with a 3000 grit pad
Phase 7.
Polish the floor
Phase 8.
Buff the floor.

By grinding the floor with 400 grit opens the pores of the stone, removing scratches and stains with each pass, which allows us to then seal and then grinding in increments up to 3000 grit mechanically seals the floor as we work to a fine grit of 3000.

This is the procedure that we use on all our jobs and it is also the same process used by the manufacturer of the stone. We also use the same products and tooling.