What Can I Expect When I Employ StoneTex To Polish My Marble Floors ?


These are the steps we will take to restore your marble floors..

Phase 1.
Clean and Strip old seals and polishes from the floor and clean the grouting.
Phase 2.
Start to Grind out scratches and stains using a 400 grit diamond impregnated pad.
Phase 3.
We then Seal the tiles while the pores are open with a premium sealant.
Phase 4.
Start Grinding the floor using an 800 grit diamond impregnated pad.
Phase 5.
Grind with a 1500 grit diamond impregnated pad.
Phase 6.
Grind with a 3000 grit diamond impregnated pad.
Phase 7.
Polish the floor with a premium brand polish. ( No crystallizing products are used by our company )
Phase 8.
Buff the floor.

This is a wet process, therefore it will be Dust Free.
Grinding the floor with a 400 grit to start will open the pores of the stone and also remove scratching and staining with each pass. This allows us to then seal at this stage, followed by several grinding phases in increments up to a 3000 grit, a process that also act to mechanically seal the floor as we work up to the fine 3000 grit.

This is the procedure that we use on the majority of our jobs. It is also the process used by the manufacturer of the stone to achieve a high reflection. We also use the same products and tooling.

With over 20 year experience, We can get this work completed with 3 craftsmen in a day, provided we get an early start.
I hope this clarifies the procedures we undertake and our overall service satisfies your expectations.


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